There are inherent risks involved in using any motorised vehicle, including but not limited to serious physical injury and possible death. This product is not a toy. This product is intended adult riders on a closed track.

Go Karts Australia strongly recommends the use of safety equipment at all times while using this product. Appropriate safety equipment would include, but not limited to D.O.T. approved helmet, riders leathers, leather gloves, knee pads, and safety boots. Purchases shall use products at their own risk.

Go Karts Australia will not be held liable under any circumstances for incidental or consequential loss or damage  or injury, due direct or indirect use of this product including any malfunction from negligence or defect. Go Karts Australia makes no claims as to the suitability of this vehicle for any specific purpose or use. The products on this site are designed for recreational use for a single rider with proper safety equipment. It is not suitable for handicapped persons or persons with limited mental or physical capacities. Although there are no uniform legal age restrictions. Go Karts Australia also recommends that only individuals of legal age use any of the motorised vehicles sold by us.

Go Karts Australia also recommends that any minors only use motorised vehicles under Adult supervision and under the guardians own discretion. Purchases should check with their local authorities for area specific rules and  regulations. Adult guardian assumes all responsibilities associated with the use of  these vehicles by minors.. Customers understand that the use of these products can cause injury or death to themselves or others. To reduce the risk of any such injuries we strongly recommend the use of safety equipment such as an ANSI or Snell approved helmet and knee ads. The buyer holds our company and its agents and affiliates harmless from liability arising out of or relating to the use or ownership of any product. Buyer must obtain her / his own insurance. Purchaser fully accepts responsibility and releases the seller for all and any personal injuries, fatal injuries, any losses, costs and damages incurred as a result of a purchases operation of this item. Purchaser is solely responsible when permitting other riders to ride this item and assumes all responsibility in the event of damages, injuries or fatal injuries etc. Purchaser is responsible for understanding and obeying all local and state laws for operation of these products. Once purchaser submits payment this will serve as purchaser agreement to releasing seller of any and all responsibilities of item such as stated above. Before riding check your local states and city vehicle codes for more information regarding laws. Australian Buyers.  This product is for use on closed private tracks only. By placing a bid, you acknowledge that you have and understood, and you agree to the terms and conditions of this Agreement and you represent that you are of legal age (age 18 or old) to enter this agreement and become bound by its items


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