Go Kart Drift II 6.5 hp 196 cc RED with TORQUE CONVERTER


LW10002 RD


Note this is for a RED coloured Go Kart with latest EPA engine & torque Converter

The standard but most popular Go Kart. Great for the kids yet the adults can still jump on and have a go. It has a 6.5 hp 196 cc 4 stroke engine with pull start. It has a TORQUE CONVERTER, uses unleaded fuel and has a top speed of approx. 35 to 45 km. This model has hydraulic disc brakes and a butterfly steering wheel with lever throttle and brake controls. The engines can be governed to reduce the top speed if required. This model is ideal for the younger children, allowing slower speeds without over heating the clutch

Please contact me for a freight quote on 0402229355 or info@gocartsaustralia.com.au or the cart can be collected from my store

Box Dimensions  85 kg  110 cm x 98 cm x 53 cm

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